Life Insurance Has A Significant Affect On The Economy

When you look at the economic situation in Montreal in perspective as to where it has been and where it is now, the products and services that I put into place are basically life insurance products, and frankly, life insurance, ew, nobody likes to talk about life insurance. But in reality, what we’re doing is we’re touching families, whether it’s at a business level or a personal level, we’re getting to the heart of what matters most to these people, and that’s business continuity, family protection, but then the bigger picture is what happens to the surrounding economic infrastructure, if you will, if a business is saved, how many more people are really implicated by the fact that that business is saved?

That’s something that Montrealers get. They have a passion for it that is not cold and analytical and structured and very figure-driven, it’s very human, it’s very passionate, and that’s where I can connect with my clients at a completely different level, and it makes it extremely rewarding, it also makes it very inspirational. There’s nothing like talking to a like-minded individual, it really becomes fun, and the conversation always meanders just because of who I am and who they are, it almost becomes almost a love in in a way.

It’s a situation that has evolved over the years because there were difficult times in this province for very important and very justifiable reasons. But everyone’s moved on, but nobody’s forgotten. And I think that that is something that we all retain, but it’s allowed us to move on with strength and with confidence and with maturity and with understanding. It’s been a neat evolution, and I’ve been part of it, with a whole bunch of really cool people.