It Takes Courage To Purchase Life Insurance

The conversation that I have with my clients will always be initially at a very general level. I can’t really go into too many details until I get to know an individual, and one of the ways I get to know an individual is to allow them to get to know me first. So I will talk about my values, but I’ll do so in a somewhat reserved manner, because when you talk about passionate things, when you talk about things that are as profoundly important as planning for your future in whatever disguise that may take, requires a lot of courage.

And what I have found over the years is that it is courageous people who make courageous decisions, those are the people who usually end up working with me. And I can say quite candidly that I do not have one single friend and client that isn’t courageous, because they’ve had those difficult conversations, and they’ve taken a step back and said wow, I’ve really gotta have a look at this stuff, and then they go one step further, because they recognize that what they’re doing is contributing or giving back, if you will, to the city and to the province and to the country that allowed them to flourish in the beginning, and people begin to realize that. So it becomes a statement without becoming a statement.