Integrating Nature Into People’s Lives

“So l’Universit√© dans la Nature is a nonprofit organization that was created in Montreal. And basically what happened is that we, my husband and myself, we bumped into a lot of scientific research that demonstrated that nature has a great impact on health, on human health, whether it’s physical health, whether it’s mental health. And it could be used as an ally for so many purposes.

And most especially, when you look at the challenges that we have today, when it comes to burnout, when it comes to, well, we need more creativity, even education, the education system according to me has to be kind of reconstructed. So we discovered that we could find in nature many ways to integrate it into the civil society, and the system.

And try to, well, like I said, solve a lot of challenges that we’ve inherited since the, well, we are in the fourth revolution, industrial revolution now. We can start a very interesting journey mixing technology and nature. And that’s what we’re trying to do, basically, with l’Universit√© dans la Nature, to integrate nature in people’s life.”