I’m Proud I Chose Montreal

“When you talk about culturally, the amount of festivals that you have here in Montreal, you know? You can learn about so many cultures very easily, you know? Maybe superficially, but if you want to continue deeply to understand other cultures, you have so many places where you can do so, or associations that help immigrants to create relationships with Quebecers.

So you know, all these initiatives, to me, and the efforts that the city and people are doing, and when I’m talking about people, I’m talking about people who immigrated, and want to give back, and want to help those who are coming after them, you know? So this type of, this type of web, you know, that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

I’m pretty proud I chose Montreal, and I’m really proud to see this in here, and to try to talk about it, you know? And when I have some French colleagues who say, “Oh, I wanna go back,” or, “I didn’t find this, I didn’t find that,” I’m so happy to remind them of what they have here, and what they don’t have in the country they come from. And I think this is very important, to do so.”