If You Build It, They Will Come

“What’s impressive to see about Montrealers today and a lot of business people, and a lot of real estate developers, are people that are willing to take risks. Which was not the case a few years ago. A few years ago people would look at stats, and they’d notice that there was enough inventory with the buildings we had, if we’re talking real estate. And they wouldn’t build more.

But there was an old term that we all heard many many times, you know, if you build it, they will come. And that’s what happened in the city. A first condo tower would go up and people thought, well, it will stay vacant. It won’t get occupied. And then a second tower was built, and it was fully leased or sold, and then a third. And now we just see buildings getting erected throughout the city and there’s no stopping it today. I think that there’s been a huge change to this city, but a lot of it’s the mindset of people who are willing to take risks, which they weren’t able to or willing to before.”