I Missed Montreal While In Toronto

“When my father was ill and I moved to Toronto to run the family business from there, I missed Montreal. I missed the culture. I missed the food. I missed the people. I missed everything about it. And I kept coming back. Every Friday I would leave Toronto and either drive or fly back. Spend a weekend here, and then get back on a plane and fly back to Toronto for another full week of work.

And I just said, “No, Montreal is home. This is where I need to be.” Everything about the city resonated with me. I just felt there was other places I’d been to, that would be be other states or other provinces, were, excuse the term, soulless is maybe the best way that I can put it. There’s a lot of soul in this city. There’s a lot of spirit. Positive vibe. And I missed it when I wasn’t here. And I missed the ambiance. And that’s what attracted me to come back to Montreal. And call this home for good.”