I Came From France With A Lot Of Hope

“My name is Emilia Tamko Mansion, and, well, I came here fourteen years ago. I came with a lot of hope. The first one was to make sure that my son would not experience what I’d experienced, where I come from. I grew up in France, in some disadvantaged area. They call it le 9-3, maybe you’ve heard about it. The suburb of Paris.

So that was the first impulse, to leave France, and to make sure that my son has a better place. And also that I wanted to find a place where I could feel that I belong. This was really the first thing that was in my mind. Well, you’re asking me about what I do now. And what I do now is that I’m the co-founder of l’Universit√© dans la Nature which is a non-profit organization that aims at connecting people with nature. But basically that’s who I am now.”