How I Started At MotorLeaf A.I.

“They posted an ad for an internship. And at that point, I was waiting for my thesis to be reviewed, so I wasn’t doing anything anymore. I was just looking at available jobs in the city. And so I interviewed for them. I remember thinking that, you know, I’m just gonna come in and didn’t really have a lot of expectations ’cause it was a hardware company, and seemed like at that point, that the hardware was done, so I didn’t really know what contribution I was gonna be able to give.

I interviewed and the co-founder starting talking about what they want to do and the system in place. And I remember thinking to myself, they’re collecting data. And where there’s data, there is AI. So I remember being very sold at the moment that they interviewed me because I think that there was really like a lot of potential to grow. So I got home after the interview, I got together with my friends, and then I got an email. They said that they created a job, well like a job for me, basically. Because the funny part of that story is that I showed up for the interview and then like one of the co-founders asked me, So you have a very impressive resume, why do you want to work for free? And I said, well I didn’t know this is like a posting for a free job, so I’m like, I’m not gonna work for free. So they created a job for me, and that’s that.”