Guy Laliberté Had A Vision With Cirque Du Soleil

“I think I relate to people who do things that are unique and special. If I can think of one, a Quebecer, one Montrealer, who’s done that, I can think of Guy Laliberté. Cirque du Soleil. You know, he had a dream, he had a vision, that not many people believed in. But he pushed that dream on others and took Cirque du Soleil to another level.

I mean, everywhere I go now, that I be in Vegas, that I go to Orlando, Florida. You could be in Europe. Anywhere you go, you know Cirque du Soleil, and what you think of when you think of Cirque du Soleil, you think of our province. You think of Quebec. That’s what I think of. And that’s owed to one guy and his dream, his passion.”