Giving People The Power To Tell Their Story

“Well, I came to Montreal when I started university in ’84. My first love and interest was visual arts so I did a BFA at Concordia, or part of one before I went rogue for 12 years. Then, as you said, I had a real passion for the Montreal music scene. I worked as freelance photographer in the early days at the Montreal Mirror.

My favorite was photographing bands, doing some editorials as well, cover shots. These are all sort of external elements outside of the fine art scene to support my fine art interest. I printed T-shirts and sold them at Dutchy’s Record Cave and the famous Saint-Laurent vinyl shop. Then, as I said, I progressed into music. I had several bands and followed the scene very closely around Station 10, Foufounes and whatnot.

Later in life, I went back to finish off my BFA and I had been introduced to filmmaking. What I particularly like about being a filmmaker now, it’s the culmination of all my interests. The visual arts, music, and storytelling, which I’ve always loved. Giving voice to people, giving people the power to tell their own story, everyday people, really was important to me.”