Getting Involved In Your Community

Well, I think we can make a positive impact in Montreal if we simply get involved. I think Mike Jager alludes to that in what he’s saying. I think between the lines, he’s saying get involved. If we’re passionate, if we love something, if we wanna do more of something, then learn about it, get involved and just offer your time. That’s the simplest, most basic thing we can do to have positive impact. How do we contribute to what we believe in? I believe in Dawson College, so I get involved. I believe in the mission of BDO Canada, which is my job, and I respect the knowledge and the people there and what they bring to the table for businesses, so I put a lot of passion into my work every day.

In my own work as an author, as a writer, I didn’t just write a book and disappear, I’m writing a book and I’m going to the book shops, I’m talking to people about it. I’m looking for literary festivals and meetups and so forth where I can say, here, here’s my experience.

I think in the end what I’m saying is that in Montreal there’s a real opportunity and openness for those seeking mentorship, and for those wanting to contribute their time who do know or have the knowledge or the experience and wanna give it, and those who are ready to be part of an organization, of a movement. You don’t have to spend a lot of time. You can contribute a little bit of time to something and that’s enough. Sometimes it’s just helping someone with a few questions on something.