Friendships Can Last A Lifetime Here

“Probably my first job, I was 12 and then 13, 14, I worked every single year, sometimes multiple jobs until I was, today, actually til now. But yeah, I started my own thing and my own place, 18 on, school and working hard. That’s how you get where you want to go. But you know, it’s not difficult to find a job. You meet a lot of people. Montreal, it is a big city. Some people say it’s a small city but you know, a couple million on the island but when you’re getting off island, you’re including not necessarily Montreal but when you’re including the greater Montreal area and Laval, you’re getting up into four and five million people.

It’s not a small city. But in some ways, it feels like it but in a good sense of the word. Meaning, you run into the same people. There’s a business community that they do interact with each other, especially each in the different industries. The service industry, it seems like everybody knows each other and yeah, even yourself, we met and 20 years later, we still speak, and it’s the same thing. I find it’s always a challenge to make good friends. It doesn’t matter what city you’re in but Montreal is really great. People are warm and when you take the time to meet people and get to know them, they last a lifetime.”