French Culture and Language Unifies Us All

“We were one of maybe three immigrant families in the area I grew up, which was heavily French-Canadian. And I was fortunate enough that we integrated very well and learned a lot about the culture. I was fortunate enough to be invited to and participate in a lot of what’s important to French-Canadians. So for me I’m definitely sympathetic and understand very well the reason they want to protect the culture and the language. And to be direct, I’m very okay and would actually encourage that.

The reason I think it’s an advantage, one of the terms we hear a lot about is diversity is our strength. What I like about Quebec is the French culture and language. It is actually something that unifies all of us. Whether you’re from Brazil or you’re Anglophone, Francophone, or from Europe, Africa, et cetera, the acknowledgement keeping the value of the territory is something that actually brings us all together, that we can all share and celebrate. And it’s a good foundation to mix in other things, like as I was saying before, your other cultures into. But I do think it is important to have a strong base that does identify as one.”