Finding The Capacity To Be Proud Of Who We Are

I think we can do better as a community in getting that word out there, that’s for sure. And I know that these were some of the conversations that we were having with the MURAL Festival guys. And know that that was what was driving it was like cool, great party in Miami, great party here all over the world, but we have this in Montreal. We just have to kind of build it up a little bit better.

We have to kind of find a capacity to be proud of who we are and know that we definitely, not only do we compete, we’re actually at the top of the game in so many ways relatively speaking. It doesn’t replace living in New York or bigger cities where the level of necessity just goes up, where the level of ambition, and hunger, the power stakes as you go closer to the periphery of art world power. Obviously, the stakes are higher. There’s more at play. But I think we can generate something here in Montreal and are in a present tense and future tense doing very good work.

I guess here’s the rub. It’s not expensive to live here so it’s also easier to have a better lifestyle and work less intensely to achieve the same thing, whereas if you live in Toronto, it’s business time and you have a lot less personal time. Making more money perhaps, but to what end? So you can get trapped in that sense of scraping by but having a good life, or you can kind of look at saying let’s work a little bit extra and really give us reason for better celebration down the road.