Every Socioeconomic Bracket Can Benefit From Insurance

One of the most troubling reactions I get is a lot of people say well, insurance is not for me, it’s a bit of a broader rejection. Insurance is not for me, and it really has nothing to do with their socioeconomic level. When you have a socioeconomic level that is perhaps somewhat lesser than other people, it becomes obvious, it becomes obvious why you may need a life insurance policy to protect those last expenses if there should be a situation like that arising, whether it be a death, a disability, or a critical illness, for that matter.

That’s a different discussion than the discussion that you’re gonna have with somebody who has very significant wealth. But the need for insurance is massive in both areas, but the discussion to arrive at the conclusion as to which products to put into place is very different, so you can’t ever say one part of society needs it more than others, or less than the other, it’s more a question of making sure that you understand who you’re talking to, and what makes them tick, what makes them understand the importance of making sure that their financial security planning is properly taken care of.