Embracing Montreal’s Dynamic Society

It’s very interesting when you talk about how the Montreal and Quebec society has matured and is now at a stage where we’re embarking on far more exciting things, that diversity, if you will, has allowed me to become more creative, its allowed me to become more, to use a colloquial expression, out there, compared to what a lot of my other colleagues in my profession, in my metier do in this province. I’m not afraid of coming to a very important meeting wearing a pair of running shoes with no socks, as an example.

I believe that the personality that I am, and I believe that the beliefs that I have and the values that I have are reflected in the people that I’m doing business with. Those people that I’m doing business with have also consciously or unconsciously embraced the dynamism of our society, and the dynamism in consequence of our workplace, and the environment that we are flourishing in today. And no one can deny that we are flourishing in this city and this province today.