Economic Development In Montreal

Well, in Montreal, one great thing is we’re really well-organized in terms of the ecosystems, the industry cluster groups and how these are addressed. There are quite a lot of people that are dedicated to economic development in Montreal whether it’s within Ville de Montreal or whether it’s an industry group and everyone eventually knows each other and helps each other in these groups. And that’s a bit of a generalization, but it’s what it comes down to. It’s collaboration between people of different expertises in different industries. So when they come together it’s very powerful.

We can take, for example, Investissement Quebec is an amazing organization that’s one of the keystones in economic development in Quebec that supports companies in their growth, supports companies as they come from other places internationally and settles here.

That’s also the role of Montreal International, which is a phenomenal organization that reaches out to entrepreneurs around the world to come and settle in Montreal, and they really clarify all the advantages and benefits of being here in Montreal with an organization and they’re very good at that and their numbers show that. And I think you’ve talked to Nikolaus Hottenroth in this series Make It Montreal and I admire very much what he does. He’s quite a phenomenon as he brings companies, he builds a bridge for companies to come here and invest and grow and contribute to the Montreal business community.