Creating Valuable Networks In Montreal

New York is like Montreal in the sense that there’s a bunch of people from all over the place that are kind of slammed into this little city and hungry for connection. So as long as you can get over your introversion, it took me a long time to do so, you can get over yourself and get out into the community with a bit more generosity to self and to others. And say hey, I’ve got an idea. Can we talk? You’re ahead of the game.

Montreal is a place where relationships are very important, and I think that’s true everywhere honestly. I think that’s very true everywhere. Montreal, it’s a small enough community that relationships are really meaningful and should be honored as being extremely valuable as they are in that sense of we open doors for each other. And that’s a professional component but there’s a bunch of other things that are really important emotionally and spiritually when talking about how we can surround ourselves by people who see us, who understand what we’re doing, and who want to see us grow and be better because they know that in helping another do the same, they encourage a similar process in themselves. It’s of mutual advantage to us all to do that kind of stuff.

But in Montreal like New York is one of these very exciting places where you can kind of put your hand out into the street. Someone’s gonna come by and shake it and speak to you in some other language and it’s gonna be really interesting. And everybody gets that you’re gonna go through this funny dance, but you’re gonna get somewhere, and it’ll be exciting.