Creating Environments That Free Up Time

“What we like to do when we build today is build cities within cities. And a project we’re doing in Laval Espace Montmorency is, I think, the perfect example of how we’re including different people of different age groups, of different backgrounds into one city. Into one area. Where we’re gonna have millennials, we’re gonna have young families, we’re gonna have seniors, all living within the same project.

There’s no need to separate someone who’s 75 years old, from someone who’s a millennial. There’s gonna be a mix of all age groups. There’s gonna be a mix of residential with office. We want to make life simple. The one thing you can’t buy in life is time. And that’s the one thing we try to give back to the people who live, work, within our projects, is time. And how do you do so, is making things simple and easy. By creating environments where there’s already day cares, there’s apartments, there’s office, there’s retail. So that you can give them back the one thing they look for the most, which is time.”