Come To Little Paris For A Day Or Two

“It’s a place where Americans come here and think they’re going to Little Paris, and that’s how I invite clients up. I actually tell them, come to Little Paris for a day or two and they’re thrilled, and they’re always worried that they can’t communicate here, and yet, on their way out, they’re always like, there’s no problem, like, so and it’s a friendly city. It’s a really friendly city. It’s a cool city, you know? It’s not a dress up city, like it was years ago. It’s a much more casual city. I can’t think of going to any restaurants where I see anybody really dressed like in the old days, like with a suit or
something, and Toronto still has that, ’cause Toronto’s still a dressy city, and Vancouver’s a dressy city, as much as they think they’re casual, but they’re not, really. This is a casual city, and I’m proud to be part of that.”