Building The Best Infrastructure

“Many people drive through our city, and see orange cones everywhere they go. They are gonna be stuck in traffic, due to a new detour. I will drive by a cone, a construction site, and smile. I’ll smile and say, “Fantastic. There’s a new bridge going up. Look at this new street that’s getting done.”

I consider it as a step forward. You can pull off a band-aid slowly, or you can just rip it off. And I think that’s what we did. We realized we had an infrastructure issue in this city, and as opposed to doing one street at a time, we said we’re gonna do a complete overhaul, and make this city great. Yes, we’re taking a little bit of a setback, with a bit of the traffic that we have today.

But we’re preparing for what this city really has to offer. And putting forth the best infrastructure is going to prepare our city for the business to come. For the people that will be moving back. And those that have decided to dedicate themselves to this city.”