Bilingualism In Montreal

I think I have one of the most advantageous roles in the world, in the fact that I am a father of children in Montreal. As a result of being a dad of three girls in Montreal at various stages in their lives, I have been able to naturally afford them a diversity of experience, and an ethnic diversity that they could not possibly get with the same kind of openness as they could get anywhere else.

J’ai trois filles et mes deux filles qui ont toujours habitées à Montréal sont parfaitement bilingues beaucoup plus bilingue que moi. And when I’m communicating with my French clients today, thanks in large part to the tutelage of my daughters, I speak a lot of English and a lot of French. Alors je tombe de temps en temps dans le français juste parce que c’est plus naturelle pour évaluer un point de vue qui est nécessairement différent en français qu’en anglais.

But at the end of the day, that experience that I’m having with my clients started as a result of my ability to give that experience to my kids. They’re perfectly bilingual, in fact, one of them is perfectly trilingual, which is a source of tremendous pride for me.