Being Able To Connect With People Is Important

“I think everyone who wants to come here to Montreal needs to answer the question what do they want to get out of it, you know? They need to, I think you shouldn’t move to a city thinking that it’s gonna solve your problem. I think you should have very specific questions that you want answered. And for me, it was education, and a research program that I respect and the world respects. And being able to live in a city that is dynamic, that’s a good work-life balance. And I think, just connecting to people. I cannot stress that more.

Being able to connect to people, because you’re pretty much restarting your life in a new city, right? So it’s important to have friends, to build relationships, and, you know, whether that’s professionally or personally, I think having someone to tell you like, that’s a good idea, you’re not crazy. Or someone to tell you winter’s gonna be over soon. So, I think relationships and being able to connect to people is very important. If you’re gonna survive in a new city.”