BDO Canada

BDO Canada helps organizations in Montreal. I facilitate it by bringing the knowledge of some very, very talented accountants, fiscalists, and tax experts and bring them to the table to help businesses make better decisions and accelerate. And nowadays business owners really have to be on the cutting edge of financial management. They can’t just improvise here, it just doesn’t cut it. There are too many decisions to be made too quickly that have too great an impact on their business.

Business evolves quickly. So small and medium sized businesses, which is the focus of BDO, small and medium sized businesses are the larger make up of the fabric of the community of business. In Quebec, the public companies are far less numbered. We address ourselves to them and provide services that really help them be strategic to the utmost and we’re very proud of that.

There’s some very talented people at BDO Canada in Montreal and very always pleased to make a good match. ‘Cause there has to be chemistry between an entrepreneur and their suppliers. There has to be chemistry, there has to be the right knowledge coming to the table.