Approaching Insurance Sales On A Human Level

One of the things that I often hear, one of the comments that I often hear is that Montrealers, Quebecers, Canadians are over insured, and I find that frankly a sad commentary on certain people’s values. Because you really can’t be over insured, just ask a widow or a widower, just ask the one partner that’s left. You can’t be over insured.

Why do some people not have life insurance? I submit that it is because, for the most part, what we do in Montreal and in Quebec is when I say we, I talk about insurance and financial security planning advisors, is we’re not relating at a human level enough. If we were just able to relate with people at a human level and strike the chords that resonate with people, there would probably be a lot more insurance purchased, and a lot more of the correct products purchased. Because at the end of the day, that’s what people want, and that’s what people probably need.

I’m not saying that there aren’t certain slices of society that categorically refuse to buy life insurance, or feel that they absolutely don’t need life insurance, but that’s their choice. At least we’ve met our obligation to give them the choice to say no.