Always Surround Yourself With The Best

“Always surround yourself with the best of the best, in any type of business. The best example I can use is when we started, when we announced initially Espace Montmorency, today being an over 2 million square foot project, mixed-use project. We’re experts in various fields. That would be industrial buildings, office buildings, but we weren’t experts in every field. What we did, we surrounded ourselves with the best of the best. The best architects. The best engineers.

We asked questions to different people, in different communities, in different settings. We spoke to the rectors of the university. We spoke to some of the seniors in the neighborhoods. Some of the students. And asked them, what do they want to see? By asking people what they want to see, what they want to feel, and surrounding yourself with professionals in all those facets, will make a successful project.”