Advising On Best Donor Practices

“What happened with my undergrad was I recognized that here in Montreal having an American degree doesn’t really carry the same type of clout that you would probably wanted to have, but the MBA is a universally accepted degree. People know what it is that you’re talking about. It brings you a certain level of creativity. Now I’m one of the few people in Montreal, probably in North America, who could say that I have a masters degree in non-profit management and an MBA. So a degree in business studies.

So if you want me to talk to you about ethically or that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you donate, I can talk to you about the importance of giving back. I can talk to you from a psychological level about how it makes you feel when you donate and when you contribute, and when you volunteer. I can also talk to you from a P&L perspective of let’s look at your finances. Let’s talk about how we can strategize on how to give, where to give, how your gift will give the most impact, and how you’ll be able to maximize your tax credits.”