A Lot Of My Friends Are Working At Startups

“A lot of my friends that I went to McGill with are all working at a startup here in Montreal. So one of my friends is working at Fluent.ai and they do speech recognition using AI, that’s very interesting. He actually got an internship at MILA right now, so that’s good, and then he’s gonna do his PhD soon after.

One of my friends is also working at wrnch.ai, they’ve kind of pivoted for a bit, but they basically use video processing and image recognition to come up with cool stuff, you know. For instance one of their products is to identify your joints. If they take a picture of you right now their system could identify different joints of your body. So I think that’s really cool. And one of my other friends is also working on an AI company a startup here in Montreal. And they come up with algorithms that will detect diseases using CT scans and MRI scans, so that’s also very interesting. So yeah, there’s a lot of these tiny startups doing really cool stuff here in the city.”