A.I. Data Helps Farmers Predict Harvests

“The organic question is, what can you do with all this data in order to do your job more efficiently? And I think that, basically, is what AI is trying to do. Like, there’s a lot of functions that your brain is capable of doing very efficiently. So the idea is how do you transport that into software? So that’s what we’re doing.

In our field, specifically, farmers are trying to predict how much harvest they’re gonna get. They’re using data and they’re using their experience, maybe their education in horticulture, but there’s always a question of is this the best way to do it? Is it the most efficient way to do it? There’s a lot of numbers. Is this tractable? Is your brain, or you as a person, can you manually, really do a very efficient calculation so that you can get the best answer to the question that you’re trying to answer? And so that’s AI. It helps you bridge the numbers and the data to the question that you wanna answer.”