A Dollar Goes Longer Here Compared To Bigger Cities

“I’m actively part of raising funds. When we hit the seed round and then going into series A, so I’m familiar with the kinds of dollars that we’re requesting from investors. What I can say is that because we have a relatively lower cost of living here in Montreal, that a dollar goes longer compared to bigger cities like Toronto, or New York, for instance, and definitely better than Silicon Valley.

Also, the local government does a lot funding to help startups like us go even longer with our limited investments. So, for instance, they can give you a funding for hiring people less than 25 year olds. Or funding for doing something in A.I., for instance. So, there’s a lot of help that we can get from the government, from the federal government, and from the local government. And so, I think that Montreal definitely is one of the easiest cities to launch a startup, because, like I said, your dollar goes a long way.”