Feeling At Home In Montreal

Let me start by saying that I am an immigrant. So I came to Montreal when I was five. My dad came here a year earlier to check it out. And he fell in love with it and he ended up bringing his whole family here. We didn’t speak English. We certainly didn’t speak French. And we were so welcomed. And from day one, I think, all of us fell in love with the city to the point that we’re lifers. But I could tell you that my love for Montreal has grown deeper the older I get and the more experiences that I have and the more people that I see, and in fact, how much I travel around the world. When I go and see other cities, I might love some of their architecture. I might love some of their people, some of their food. But when I come back to Montreal, when I fly in or I drive over the bridge, or even when I navigate all the construction, the fact is, I have never felt more at home in this city than anywhere on the planet.