We Have Our Headquarters Here & We’re Not The Only Ones

“I was a Montrealer. Montrealer forever. And yes, there is some debate and issues and there still is around language and so on but what I find, and it’s not even so much just a shift, it’s almost like a lot of the up-and-coming, the new, younger generation and so on, they don’t have the same let’s say issues or let’s say firsthand.

Everybody wants a better life so everybody’s looking for the next step, higher salary, a better company, something to put aside for their future, prospects, and Montreal has that. We’ve always had that. We have some giant companies here and yes, we did lose a few headquarters in the past to Toronto but other companies, we have our headquarters here and we’re not the only ones. There’s a future here for people for sure and I find it looks brighter and brighter.”