The Wellness Factor Here

“The fact that we have safe parks, that we have so many parks, that we have unbelievable cycling lanes throughout the city and it’s just a very, the wellness that’s here is a very important part of living here and I’m noticing that more and more having children.”


We Are Proud Quebecers

“Being fifth generation anglophone has been a very strong, important part of our roots being here, and I think so many people that ask us, that aren’t from here, even Torontonians that don’t really understand the language…where are you from?”


Customer Loyalty In Montreal

“It’s so touching, you know, people are really, genuinely behind us and back us here in Montreal. I think there’s like a great loyalty to people that stick around and that make things work in Montreal, and there’s a great pride to that, and other Montrealers really let you know that, and you can feel the love here. It’s something that’s unique.”


A Feeling of Family

“I think Montreal is an underdog city, which does have some truth to it. Also carries, it’s a village and a city mentality and I think that there’s something to be said for that where you can, you literally run into people that you know walking down the street. And to have that that sense of community and that sense of familiarity and there’s not six degrees of separation, it’s not a lonely city here. There’s a real family and connectedness and I think that as human beings we all crave that.”


Montrealers Are All Survivors

“I think the people that have stuck it out are survivors and it’s part of the reason why there’s such a will and a pride to be here. And to watch the city turn around as born and bred Montrealers is a very proud feeling.”

People Who Value Being In The Moment

“I have friends that have moved to other big cities that are very fast pace, they don’t feel like they’re able to stop and breathe. And I think that in every industry in Montreal we celebrate that that there’s an emphasis on work life balance and we make that a huge part of our business and I think that’s the point of happiness, that’s the essence of being present and fulfilled.”

The Welcome Collective

“The Welcome Collective is responsible for organizing and transporting larger furniture items, so like beds and tables and chairs. So we warehouse and we move in the furniture and we help to pair that family that we’re moving in the furniture to with the welcome family from Montreal that will take care of their smaller items. We’ve talked about it before how deeply affected we were when we met these families for the first time.”

Changing The Fabric of The Food Industry

“There are some concepts that are so innovative, that are happening in the city that aren’t happening anywhere else, and to be put on that same playing field as some of the biggest players in the world is a huge, a huge feat for Montreal.”

Contributing To The City

“Our parents decided to stay, and it almost instilled in us a will to make Montreal even stronger or better, if you’re gonna stay, you know, make it great, and contribute something to the city.”

Creating Something You Believe In

We are true lovers and believers in the city, and for all the naysayers and all the haters that have left Montreal, we wanna tell you that they were waiting for it to happen, but you have to build it, you have to make it happen for yourself, and if you build it, they will come. We strongly believe that, that if you put the energy and the effort into creating something that you believe in, in the city, there’s an amazing community of people that will support you here, and that can allow you to have a future and a successful living, so you have to make it happen, you have to put in the time. It doesn’t take that much money. As we said, the cost of living is very attainable here, and we believe that it’s a great city to invest in.